Tandem flying - two in the air !

 ExperienceTandem Hang Gliding

It seems like people get forgetful about hang gliders. By choice now you can realize a flight with a tandem paraglider, two seat powered para-trike or two seat powered hang glider., but one of the most exciting experiences, comparable only with a free bird flight is the hang glider .Keeping the 40 year old tradition of the hang gliding, we offer just that!


You don't need any special preparation to get air-borne with a hang glider. Anybody who wants can fly, without limitations. This is made possible with the simple combination of a two-place Hang glider ((tandem glider)) , one experienced instructor and your own will to fly. Aside from having a soaring flight as a bird, you will also receive a short professional quality video clip with you as the main character of the movie!



To schedule a free flight with a tandem hang glider and additional information, write us:.


Srebrena Delcheva( the protagonist of the movie )

        Signed up and already have flown tandem with Mitko Ухилен
Last Saturday we went to Petrohan ( the place is called Dupkite -The Holes ) I had no clue what will follow...the place is terrific for flying-beautiful and good for flights in any wind direction ( as I understood ) Add the nice company and you get an almost idyllic picture. For a starter we had to carry the gliders and harnesses uphill-this way we can develop incredible nice muscles...After that..I am not sure how can I describe the experience- Harmony and adrenaline ..A combination that I had always thought is impossible! You see with birds eyes, and you breath as a bird...INCREDIBLE! I have tried tandem flight with a paraglider too...I don't like to make comparisons, but can't avoid it in this case- FOR ME ( underscore, this is my opinion) there is no place for comparison. I will quote a good friend of mine (Stani, as we know him in the forum)...” eyes and wings”.... This is the best description for my experience this Saturday! I can only say- This turned my life upside down in a good sense at a very difficult moment for me. In conclusion just this: I want more,… and more,…and more! Thank you, MItko! All these incredible emotions are thanks to you ! PS Special apologies for the too many period and exclamation signs, a couldn’t write this without them!...and more! ..and more !..."

 Състезание в Петруса "XC PETRUSA 2012"
статия от Миглена Димова
05  Март 2012




(PARAgliders VS HANGgliders)

31 March- 1 April 2012, Greece, Petrusa


The delicate face of the Hang Gliding
the flying adventures of one young woman
article by Miglena Dimova
17 April 2012



Who is Vassilena Vassileva, we in our club all know, but let’s see it through the eyes of an young journalist, Miglena Dimova in her article about DELTACLUB.

 Sports in the clouds, how it looks?
 Hang Gliding school, tandem, towing
posted by Dimitar Halachev
Monday, 10 January 2011


   Have you ever wondered why in the children's cartoons,  something always flies?
Whether it's Baba Yaga, Bunny  with the checkered ears or Carlson? Whenever something is magic, it flies.
Santa flies a sleigh in the sky.
 Also if someone is dreamy or is in love, again he/she compares it with a flight  in the clouds.
 Is it that nice and hard of access?
Every hang glider pilot can answer this question. Actually, in order to fly, one has to be down to earth, feet on the ground man, who is responsible for his actions. Anyone who has ever been in touch with the clouds knows it well. Whether it was a free fall followed by opening a parachute, or take off from the slope of a mountain with a hang glider, or carried by the wind with a huge hot-air balloon. It is difficult to describe the story of every touch with the clouds. The enormous wide views,the nuances of colors and the mixture of feelings and emotions justify all the myths, legends and ascending stories. Although it is difficult, over time I hope to be able to give you some idea about flying with hang gliders while still on the ground.That's why we have this web site. 

Petrohan - THE@MAGIC

 The Magic of Flying
writen by Stoyan Stankov
Saturday, 17 July 14:30


Seventeenth the seventh in seven o'clock we should have been already on road. As always, I have to catch up with those who  already have gone. A had to load the  gliders,get all the gear. Last night I should have gone to bed earlier.  We are on the road.They are calling me, asking: What 's up, we are  waiting for the gliders, where you are. Finally we are at the Moon Valley. There are gliders already set up, tents, flags. I see also the two training gliders. The flights started. I still dawdle with all  sorts of things because it is very important for me to run something I've promised to myself. Everybody is helping, I am the one who is slow. Okay, I am catching up, catching up, I am taking the glider and going up. It's almost like I have to do flying for a norm. Well I can try this option too.

The glider is already at the start position. I am trying to lock up the belts of Sever's harness. 6 years old, he will make his first flight. He is asking questions all the time. When will we take off, where will we take off. How can I tell in advance? The wind will tell us, the grass, all the land, how can I tell now? We will fly. He smiles. Here's the place!
Here we are. We are ready - waiting for the right moment. Waiting for the best wind
gust and also for his infant support, to make sure that he is ready, calm and confident,
 to feel together that the right moment has come. Stani and Yavor are constantly trying to help us as much as they can.


Take off! "Daddy-y-y" - a delicate voice softly whispers with a magic force, but very calm, "Daddy, I love it. For the first time I fly and am very pleased," repeating it several times during the short flight. Here's the landing. He is So excited that he would try to fly off his harness and the helmet. He touched me several times, me and the wing, and then I helped him with detaching and removed his helmet to be able to see the happy faces of the closest people, who expected our landing. Mitko with his camera, Kate who had hugged Maggie, and everyone else who attended at the Moon Valley, Petrohan. Eighteenth seventh, at seventeen hours and seven minutes ,the magic of the moment called again with the beaming smiles of everybody around us.